Lesson 2 Practice 1 - Simple Math Question

Hello There,

Good mrng!

I am learning phase, now was trying to do the exercise using decision flow and assign activates.

Simply to calculate 2 numbers and put it in the notepad depends on their result yes or no.

I have tried from my end as given in the academy but getting the error, has tried my best to troubleshoot it, but couldn’t.

Attaching the correct program–>

Simple math question.xaml (13.5 KB)

And the wrong program here–>
hari sample math question.xaml (14.9 KB)

Can someone help me where I went wrong and make me understand pls?


You must modify the message box: (Input property: Buttons) the buttons should be YesNo and keep the output in a variable (Answer in your case). Also, in the write to notepad part, type result as a variable, not as a string (without the quotes).

This is so easy to spot. Your message box shows Ok and you check if the result is Yes
Change the buttons to be YesNo, not Ok


PFA corrected code.

hari sample math question.xaml (16.6 KB)

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