Help with a Process to Extract PDF values to Excel

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been given an opportunity at work to demonstrate RPA in a process that would help our AP department. There’s no budget for this yet (I’ve been working on my own time) but we need to update or get rid of our ERP system and if the C-Suite is impressed, they’ve offered to send me for training in Texas to learn more Uipath. Big chance. I have no experience, but managed to get the first 2 steps written: open email and save PDF to file on desktop. I’ve been trying for weeks to get the rest, and I believe I’m more confused than when I first started - mostly from reading every post on the topic and trying to apply it to my scenario! :roll_eyes:

So, I’m out of time. Would anyone be willing to give me the best steps to complete this process?
I would be forever in your debt.

(I think I need to write a String Variable? But haven’t been successful yet)

  1. Open Emails from a designated Outlook Address
  2. Save PDF attachments from each email to a folder on desktop
  3. Open each PDF in the folder and extract the following values from Page 1: Vendor, Fund, Dept, Program, Account, Amount, and Description (all are numeric except description)
  4. Write to Excel file

For the demonstration I need to show that 400 emails were opened, saved, and data extracted, so a loop until all PDFs in file folder are opened. And hopefully have one Excel spreadsheet with 400 lines of data at the end. Background operation only.

I’m attaching an example PDF and Excel spreadsheet. When I get home, I can also add what I’ve done so far in the Community Edition.

Grateful for any help on this! Thank you and Cheers!

PDF Payment Voucher .pdf (120.9 KB)

Excel Payment Voucher Data.xlsx (12.4 KB)