PDF extracting data and save to excel

INV0002.pdf (167.8 KB) INV0003.pdf (185.0 KB)
to extract the invoice items, what method can i use to extract them and save into excel like the excel sheet shown in attachment?
Supplier invoice details.xlsx (23.4 KB)
Please help me and if possible could provide me with the workflow file. Thank you!

Check below tutorials on youtube:

  1. Extract Pdf Specific Data To Excel In UiPath | UiPath Pdf Invoice Data Extraction | UiPathRPA - YouTube
  2. Extract Specific Data from Scanned Invoice Pdf and Write Into Excel In UiPath | UiPathRPA - YouTube
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I use screen scrape and my invoice items got more than 1 item. Is it anyway i can extract the invoice items and know how many items are there?

I don’t have much idea on pdf automation.
You can google with keyword as shown below. You will get help from others on forum.