Help to develop a project 2

Hello to the community.
I’m searching someone with UIPath knowledge to make a simple OCR project.
I searched in freelancer with no luck.The concept is this :
I have almost 15.000 screenshots (and increasing 200-400 every week ) of soccer statistics in png files , and I want to extract the data to a simple excel file for further filtration.
The data is mainly numerical and also a few in progress bar form that I want to correlate with numbers from 0 to 5 or with a percentage.
Every screenshot will extract 42 data numbers in one row (with 42 columns).
The screenshot files have identical form so I think its easy to extract data from there for anyone who is familiar with UIPath.
So I want someone to make this automation for me and use it to import data alone.
Can anyone help? I will pay a fixed price.