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Hi EveryOne,
Hope You all are well. i extract data from the webpages and stores in a DataTable ExtractDataTable. Now i want to extract like WID. i’m stuck at this point. i’m not using REFrameWork. Doing in other way. Please Guide ma about this .

Hello @Muhammad_Jahangir

Since you are not using the REFramework we can use a for each row loop to loop through the datatable… inside the loop, have an assign activity to get the values out of it. Use the code below

Row(“WIID”).ToString to extract the value of each row at a time

Hope this helps

ok Dear @Lahiru.Fernando.
I’ll try and tell you further. Thanks for replying :smiley:

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dear @Lahiru.Fernando it will show this error

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Hey @Muhammad_Jahangir

Sorry for my late reply. Was driving.
The datatable column name is WIID. Not WID. So in your code, change the column name as WIID

Row(“WIID”).ToString will work for you.

ok Dear @Lahiru.Fernando i’ll try

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Dear @Lahiru.Fernando i have get WI5 activities in excel. now i stuck next step . i extract data from webpage and save in excel then read excel and filter data according to WI5 ans status open. now stuck . please help me

you do know that you didn’t provide any information for your problem right?

i solve this brother thanks a lot @MythicGold

@Muhammad_Jahangir then please mark this post (the one i replied to) as the solution to close off this thread , have a great day ahead.

please mark post 4 on October 26 above as the solution as that was the answer that solved your issue, not my post, thank you!

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