Read Cell from Column - Calculate Client Security Hash

Working on assignment for RPA Developer course and was wondering how to extract the WIID to append to the website URL. This is what my spreadsheet ‘FilteredData’ looks like

My idea is to get the WIID, put it into a variable, complete the rest of the process, and then overwrite the old WIID variable with the new one until there aren’t any left. Is this the right process?

Hi, are you using RE framework?

I am not

Then you can extract the wiid from excel in the for each loop and continue with your process as replacing the old variable with new one until anything is left.
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Would I use a For Each Row activity? image
I’m not really sure what to put in the body, but I know that I only want the data that is in column B. I’m assuming I’ll make a String variable called ‘WIID’ and assign the cell data to it, but I’m not sure how to get each separate cell still.

Can you upload the excel file ,I can send the solution xaml file

I had to convert from csv to xlsx

FilteredData.xlsx (6.7 KB)

You want the WIID value so i kept the logic how to access the wiid in a message box and printing for your understanding.
ExtractingWiid.xaml (7.8 KB)
Please check this workflow…
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