Help Pelase - I need read specific Number dont'read Text and Empty (Excel)

I need read specific number dont’read text and empty cell
am beginner i don’t know function in ui path
please teach me

thank you.


You can get that value as text and then use the CInt function to convert it to a number:

CInt(“1234”) will convert the text “1234” to the number 1234

you can use if condition in for each row loop

condition you can use if variable contains any numbers, go into then loop and add into list,array

Hi @alicezona,

You can use Read Range to read your Excel as DataTable and then use LINQ in an Assign to filter out what’s not numeric.
Example (assuming you only want to filter column in position 0)

dt_YourTable.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(0).ToString) AndAlso Information.IsNumeric(row(0))).CopyToDataTable (50.5 KB)


read cell and compare the cell value with regex(0-9). if true then proceed else continue to next iteration.

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ok maybe to try
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