Help needed with retry scope

Hi Guys,
I am stuck with Retry scope, I want to retry a piece of workflow and check the condition. I want to retrieve a password from internet. if password retrieval is successful , then fine, else try again.
now in conidtion i want to check if the password is not null. but i am unable to drag “if” activity and “while” activity in the condition part. i saw element exist could be dragged, but i want to check value for variable “password”…how can i achieve this.
Pls help.

@Rani1978 You can assign if Condition OR a while condition inside the Action part of the Retry Scope, and then use a ShouldRetry boolean variable and Assign True or Falsebased on if Condition, and use that variable in the Condition part of the Retry Scope. Hope you understand what i meant :smile :sweat_smile:

Try below -
– Create a Boolean variable like isPwdFound
– in Retry scope sequence - when password is found - assign Boolean as true else false
– In Condition section drag ‘IsMatch activity’
– in properties window →
– Input - isPwdFound.ToString
– Pattern - “True”
– RegexOption - “IgnoreCase,Complied”


According to User manual…

Retries the contained activities as long as the condition is not met or an error is thrown.

So you can achieve it as the following steps, for example.

  1. Put if activity in Action area and set condition which you want to retry.
  2. Put Throw activity in Then area.
  3. You don’t have to set any activity in Condition area of Retry Scope in this case.


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below is my workflow, it is not retrying 2 times (i have specifed retry 2 times). instead when password is blank , in this case i am making it blank…so that i can test it. it is just executing it once and throiwing the error


How did you know it didn’t retry?
Perhaps you should put log message activity or write line activity to count.
Do you use Global Exception Handler? If so, you might need to write some logic in it.