[Help] Is there any integration with Google Cloud Platform Cloud Logging?

Hello everyone,
My area of work is wanting to integrate Log storage in GCP with UiPath, so is there any package (Manage Package) that allows to work with Cloud Logging,

or in any case, a more practical/simple way to interact maybe with GCloud SDK with UiPath.

Thanks in advance. Any idea or help is welcome.

Best regards.

@ Pawel Wozniak @ Maciej Kuzmicz

I would like to know this as well.

Hello everyone,

I have uploaded this query a long time ago due to a scenario that arose on my computer. To be honest, I didn’t find any activity previously created to use it, however I decided to help the community with a first version. With one more partner, we create a dependency and in it the activity of inserting records in the Google Cloud platform, being more exact in its Logging service.
After a lot of work, I share the link where you can download, since it is completely free: