Call GCP script from UiPath

I have some questions related to google GCP script.

Is it possible to call a GCP script from UiPath?

What’s the configuration that should be done at GCP side and UiPath?

Do you have any sample package to share?

Any help is appreciated!

Hello Torkia,

Currently we do not have this possibility. It will be part of a future release. As a workaround you could implement the call for calling scripts using the HTTP request activity.


Hi Cosmin,
Thanks for your response.
Do you have any sample uipath package to share, that calls a script using HTTP request activity?


Currently we do not have a sample. That is one of the next major priorities for next features.

Hello Cosmin,
I’m confused.
You said it’s possible to call google GCP script using http request activity. Please confirm
Could you please indicate the package to install to have this activity available in uiPath studio?


Hey Torkia,

You could use gsuite activities to automate google application. If your desired activity is not available in these activities then use the App Script activities.

Here’s a playlist explaining how to use these activities