Help - How do I remove "comma" in each excel cell in a column

I need urgent help.
I am trying to build another spreadsheet based on selected contents from an existing spreadsheet and I need to remove “,” from every cell in the column header =“CurrentApprover”. Example of values in Current Approver columns are “Vilma Bala,” “Bala Mulan,” “Roma Beethi,”. I want to either remove the comma or if it is possible to replace ","it with “;”, keeping only names.

I make use of Excel Application Scope, Read Range activity, For Each Row, Get Row Item to get the selected columns that I want. For one of the Get Row Item, I replace “,” from Output Value with “;”. So for Output Value instead of the variable CurrentApprover, I used this expression, " CurrentApprover.Replace(",";"). It give error that character not valid. See image uploaded…

Any help needed!

Try this

Thanks, but I encounter another error Invalid L-value. How to resolve it?


Just declare output as CurrentApprover and later use that replace method to replace comma.