How to remove commas by excel operations?


I want to remove the commas of the Amount column(if the commas exist), and if not, it will convert all of the column values to NUMBER. The input string may vary. The current input format of Amount Column is Accounting

How may I perform this action by excel automation conveniently and quickly?

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Try like this

  • Use Read Range and rea the excel and store in a variable.

  • Enable modern activities in the filter

  • Use Excell Process Scope

    • Use Excel File
      • Find/Replace Value and pass as in the SS


Download the package BalaReva.Excel. Activities
And use change cell type activity and refer this link to know about the activity


thank you @Gokul001

but I am not finding the activities that you have mentioned in your SS. Here I am adding the design of mine.

Have you enabled modern design ?

Okay you can also use this

You have given cell range statically instead use like this


I think so the last line will be not replacing anyping in the excel if the last row of the excel did not get updated use this



@Gokul001 yes I did

Still the comma is visible on the excel file after a successful run of the uipath project file

Then you will able to find that

What version of studio are you using and what is the version of the excel.actvities are you using?


Version of UiPath Excel Activities 2.12.0
Version of UiPath Studio

Do you have any license for you your machine?

No, I do not have

So can you uninstall the studio and download the stable version from orchestrator?

OK thank you

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