HELP! How can I solve this flowchart?

Please anyone can give me solution of this flowchart using uipath studio. It’s very important for me.Please upload the solution with .xml file.


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I’m not going to do the work for you but you’ve already got a flowchart created and the process is pretty straightforward. This should be reasonably easy to automate.

You can use the Flowchart activity to create this. Your various actions can be done with native activities (for example Read CSV File). Use Flow Decision activities for items 3 and 7 to make the flow behave differently based on your criteria.

If you need help with a specific question search the forums since most of these actions should be covered at least in some manner. I would also recommend doing the Level 1 training on the UiPath Academy to familiarize yourself with the RPA process.


I give you idea -it is recursion call from my point of view. number 6 and 2 are the same instance.
So updated flow chart would be like

main(csv filename) flow: call recurfun(csv filename) -> exit

recurfun(csv filename) flow : 1 -> 2 -> loop for each line ( 7 (false -> break loop ) -> 3 (true->5’) -> 4 -> 5’ (is Call recurfun(csvfile) ) -> return

Hello alex.glebov,
Thanks, Please can you upload any sample .xml like this. I am new in Uipath. If I get the xml file for this that’s very helpful for me.

If you are new to UiPath i would suggest taking all the Development courses (There are 3 levels).
They pace really well and give you good understanding of the platform and how to use it.

Thanks, already touch with that. I need to know this type of project how to start? In cause of I want o touch with .xml file. Can you upload then please.