HELP Filter data table Starts with using a numbers

I have an excel sheet that I need to filter. I am using filter data table and if a column is blank or has a word, I am putting that on a different spreadsheet. This works fine. However, now I need to add if a different column have values that start with (in this instance) 20180 I need those to go on the same spreadsheet. I have used with and without quotation marks for my value and that is not working.I also tried to make it floating by adding a decimal. I thought it had something to do with it being numbers and have searched on the forum and have found that I may need to convert that column to integer. I used an assign activity, but I think I may be missing something because my operation is starts with in the filter data table. I have provided screenshots of filter data table activity and assign. Excelsheet1 is my datatable. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am able to filter using assign activity but I need those values to not be included in my new datatable. I hope I am making sense


Starts with, contains, etc. Must be String values, because there are strings methods.
You can try using string variables, can i have a look at your ExcelSheet1 variable (on runtime) please?

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Its a datatable. Thanks for the information.