Hello UI-Path Team I have a Drought in the uipath Smtp mail activity

Hello, so the dought is if we are not given access like a less secure app in Gmail security is it possible to do automation in SMTP. if its no y and any alternative solution are there for that and explain why?
Because we are using Gmail for our company to send mail so they are saying we can’t give the less secure app because of its security issues. so any alternative solution is there like we have a lot of accounts in our own company mail account is it possible to give the less secure app for the particular mail account is there any security issue will happen is it secure or not?

If any know this please let me know it is very useful for me

Chethan P

Hi @Chethan_P

For working of smtp u should have less secure apps enabled otherwise it will not work

Try to use Outlook activitiy

Hope it helps


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If I use outlook activity we have to use Microsoft account right? Then how can I use google account is it possible to use? give me complete information on it it really helps me.

We can also use Google account there @Chethan_P

Check this link for more info

Using Microsoft Outlook with Gmail - dummies

You can find many resources like this in Google check that too

Hope it helps

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its Coming like this :point_down: :expressionless:

Did u Google this issue ? @Chethan_P

yes i try but its not work they are saying two step verification enable generate app password and use that password in outlook login I try that but its not working and some people saying enable the less secure app but in our company they are saying we are not able to give access to less secure app buz security issues will come like that they are saying, security is coming? when we enable less secure app!!
please let me know I will explain them regarding this and any alternative solution is there?

Thank you
Chethan P