Having issues compiling my code

Hello, new here and I have been using UI Path Studio Community edition, however I am having problems compiling my workflow, it keeps stating “Compilation failed. Remove unused imports and try again.” I have uninstalled the software once and reinstalled again but I am still having this issue.

Hello @cheesesandwichcrackers

  • The error message you’re encountering, “Compilation failed. Remove unused imports and try again,” typically indicates that there is an issue with the dependencies or imports in your UiPath workflow.
  • This error occurs when UiPath Studio detects unused or unnecessary imports in your project, and it’s preventing the workflow from compiling successfully.


Hi @cheesesandwichcrackers

In order to tackle this issue, remove the unused imports like this:

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Try these steps once

  • Open the workflow where you’re encountering the error.
  • Look for any imported namespaces or libraries that are not being used in the workflow.
  • Remove these unused imports. To do this, go to the “Imports” or “Imports” panel in UiPath Studio, find the unnecessary imports, and delete them.

Hi all, I have removed the imports already, but I am still having the same error. When I try to select “remove imports”, it indicates “No unused imports were found”.


Hi @cheesesandwichcrackers ,

Could you provide us with a Screenshot of your workflow where we can look at your Workflow file names like in the below way ?

Also, Could you let us know what was the Language set ? VB or C# ?

Check the below post which does discuss on the same issue :

Hello @cheesesandwichcrackers

After Removing your unused imports from your workflow, try to Rebuild or Reopen Workflow or Restart the UiPath Studio

And also, Make sure you are using the latest version of UiPath Studio Community Edition. Sometimes, updating the software can resolve known issues and improve stability.