Compilation failed after importing UiPath.CodedWorkflows

I imported UiPath.CodedWorkflows from Manage Packages.
Then clicked Debug File and an Error occured:
Unexpected error has occurred during the library compilation process:
Could not find file ‘D:.…\UiPath\HOPath.local\install\CodedWorkflow.cs’.

I try to uninstall UiPath.CodedWorkflows, the error still existed.
here is my project: (530.6 KB)


Check from the dependencies if it is still present and also in the imports from bottom…if yes then right click and remove

Alternately try renaming the project.json file and reopen the project and check


I confirm UiPath.CodedWorkflows removed from both dependencies and imports but the error existed.
If rename the project.json then how to open the project?


Just click on main.xaml and it would create a new project.json with dependencies again