Has the way templates work changed?

Long ago created a template, Windows-Legacy. Published to Orchestrator, use it all the time to create new projects.

Recently upgraded to Studio 23.4.4. Migrated the template to Windows compatibility and published. When I tried to use the template to create a new project I kept getting an error “package contains no templates.”

So I opened the template project and noticed when I right-click Main it gave me an “extract as template” option. So I did that. It copied Main.xaml to a project folder named .templates and named it MainTemplate.xaml

I published the template project to Orchestrator. Then when I use it to create new project, it works. But I still the .templates folder (displayed as Templates) with MainTemplate.xaml inside it.

What is the purpose of this? That original Main.xaml still gets created in the new project, and I don’t use the MainTemplate.xaml file for anything.

hi @postwick , did u upgrade from version prior to 2021.4 ? If so, there is a note in documentation that specifies the behavior of templates not being displayed. PSB the relevant link for the same.


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We were on 2021.10 but I’ll try this anyway. Thanks for the heads up.

I figured out the issue. We had an underlying problem where our Studio projects were stored on a Unix-based storage system. In Unix (and Linux) a folder that starts with a . (period) is automatically hidden. So all the subfolders inside a Studio project folder were hidden, and when publishing the project/template/library Studio doesn’t see, and doesn’t include, the hidden folders.

We had to move all our projects to a different storage system that is not Unix based. And UiPath is aware of this issue and will hopefully adjust how Studio works - either don’t name folders with a period, or make Studio see hidden folders and work with them normally.

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