Hard Disk Failiure, How to Transfer License


I have one attended bot license on a PC.
That PC had a Hard Disk Failiure.

I need to transfer the license to new PC.
How can i achieve that since i am unable to deactivate from the pc with a damaged Hard Disk.

FYI : I am aware of the regutil methods to move the license / activate and deactivate.
The scenario is during a total hard drive failiure.


Hi @malikmueez.

You can ask for UiPath’s support for this.
They can release the license on that machine and you can use it on another machine.


thank you @Jan_Brian_Despi

so that means this task is not something we can do via regutil. In this case it is a simple escalation to UIPath explaining the situation.

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Yes. I already had an experience on creating a ticket on releasing a license.
We can do it via regutil if the UiPath program was not included in the damaged hard drive (if you have more than 1 drives).
But have you tried regutil commands?


Unfortunately no. the device had several partitions but the HardDrive went through a physical damage so there was no way to get inside. Tried using Using a USB bootable version of windows as well but the Hard Drive was not detecting. So RIP Hard disk.

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Oh. Sad to hear that.
So kindly contact the UiPath Licensing support :slight_smile:


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