UiPath License key

I have to release the license key from my machine so i raise the ticket with UiPath for release the License.
UiPath released that license key from my device id but still i am not able to use that key on another device.
Is there required to uninstall the UiPath from 1st machine and then use that key on another machine ?
please help me over this.


What is the error message that you are receiving when you try and activate the license code on the second machine?

Some helpful thoughts in the meantime…
Try activating by using the RegUtil.exe found in the UiPath installation folder.

MSI Installer: %programfiles(x86)%\UiPath\Studio\UiPath
EXE Installer: %appdata%\UiPath

regutil.exe activate /email=blah@blah.com /code=999999999999

The following will display the status of the license on the machine, maybe run it on the old and new host and see what it is

regutil.exe get-info

If the License code wasn’t deactivated correctly and you still have access to the original host, you can also deactivate it yourself.

Regutil.exe deactivate

If your using an offline host, you can also use the regutil.exe get-deactivation-cert and http://support.uipath.com/deactivation more information can be found in the regutil documentation.