Handling Expected Popups

I have a process where at the end there are a number of popups that occur that is different for every run. There are two popups that occur every time that I just have to Click OK for. But there are a number of other popups that occur depending on the type of run that occurred.

What kind of loop structure can I create to read each popup that occurs and Click OK for each one until the process reaches the next screen in the process?

It sounds simple but I have to use an Element Exists to read each popup because certain ones require further action and others just have to Click OK and move on.


Take a look at “Pick” and “Pick branch” activities.
You would set up each different option as a different branch, with Element Exists as your triggers. A very good explanation is here:

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This looks like it might work. Thank you for the help, I did not know about this activity