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I have a scenario to book an appointment for patients and need to handle pop-ups that varies from patient to patient.

For example, the first screenshot appears for the patients who missed last 1 apptmnt. If i click on Yes button using the CLICK activity. Next time if i run the same code for a patient who didnt missed any appointments, script fails. Because popup will not appear at all and Uipath will keep looking for the yes button.

I tried try/catch exception handling block, it work just fine. But I need to use 10 try/catch blocks for each such popup, and it takes 30 sec for each try/cathch block if the popup doesn’t appear.

Even i tried the pick/ pick branch and switch , the issue is they handle only one popup among multiple popups for a patient.

I’m sure there must be some other activity that might help me to reduce the time.


Use Pick and Pick Branch Activity with element exist of each popup in the trigger of each Pick Branch, then in the action panel you can do what needs to be done for that respective popup.

Thank Sarathi125 for the quick reply. it solves part of my problem.

The thing i forgot to mention is, a patient can get more than one popup. If i use pick/pick branch, it exits the block after successfully handling just the first popup.

I thought of using the loop but, as i said it number of popups will vary from patient to patient.

Hope im clear with my explanation, please feel free to message for any further clarification.

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@Temp_Mail Have you got this resolved?