Handling a .NET validation error after converting to "Windows" support from "Windows-Legacy"

Doing a little bit of planning on what will happen when I finally can move to v2022.4.3 of Studio (I’m an Enterprise Customer) and how moving from Windows-Legancy to Windows will impact one of my workflows.

I’m getting this in my test instance of v2022.10 Community Studio and one of my workflows newly converted to Windows support:

I’m not a .NET expert by any means. How would I change the value I have listed in the image to deal with this validation error:

{xglOrderID + “-00”,0,0,0}

give a try at (we assume VB.Net is set)
new Object(){xglOrderID + "-00", 0,0,0}

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Also retype all the (") in you logic.

Yes love the quoting here on this forum :slight_smile: You gotta because careful what you copy/pate from here into Studio. In Studio the quoting is correct currently.

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