HAA Node Health Check

How to know if HAA is running or installed correctly?

Root Cause: Troubleshooting failed installation or node that has been dropped from the cluster.


  • rlcheck is a utility that runs various health checks on an HAA node and alerts on any issues found.

This utility can be useful to confirm a successful installation or to verify that the node is functioning properly.

Note: To see the rlcheck optional flags, run: rlcheck --help Specifically, the --continue-on-error flag runs all tests to completion and shows all errors when complete.

/opt/redislabs/bin/rlcheck --suppress-tests=verify_bootstrap_status,verify_processes
saving to file: /var/opt/redislabs/log/rlcheck.log
##### Welcome to verification utility
#### Skipping test: verify_bootstrap_status
Skipping test: verify_processes
Running test: verify_dmcproxy Verifying dmcproxy process... PASS Running test:
verify_port_range Verifying local port range... PASS
Summary: ------- ALL TESTS PASSED.

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