HAA Reinstallation

How to reinstall HAA?

Root Cause: HAA re-installation may fail, if redislab directories already exists with configuration information.

Resolution: Perform the below procedure to reinstall the HAA,

  1. Uninstall HAA manually: sudo yum remove redislabs
  2. Uninstall with Redis Uninstall script: sudo ./rl_uninstall.sh (default location /opt/redislabs/bin)
  3. Download the installation script by running wget http://download.uipath.com/haa/get-haa.sh
  4. Make the script executable by running chmod +x get-haa.sh.
  5. Install the node with the following command: sh get-haa.sh

If installation fails, ensure the following directories are deleted,
  • /opt/redislabs
  • /opt/redislabs/bin
  • /opt/redislabs/config
  • /opt/redislabs/lib
  • /opt/redislabs/sbin
  • /var/opt/redislabs
  • /var/opt/redislabs/log
  • /etc/opt/redislabs