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I need to access google shared drive folder from which i can get and upload files in a particular folder in the shared drive.
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It seems that everything you’ve described is possible with GSuite package. There are activities related to Google drive like: Copy File, Move File or Upload file. You can work even with particular files permissions.

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I’ve tried these activities and they are working fine for getting and creating files within my drive, but when I try to get folder from a shared drive i’m not able to get it!

Folder is just a container. You can threat it the same way like windows does. Instead of downloading whole folder at once you need to download all files from this folder. It can be done by using Find Files and Folders then go through all files using For Each loop and use Download File for them.


That is correct but, when i search the shared drive folder name i do not get any results, if I try to search for any folder within my drive i’m able to find it. but for the shared drive it doesn’t give me the folder. I think the problem is with the search expression where i would need to identify what drive the folder should look at. Is there any way i could know valid search expressions?

Hi @Hassaan!
By default, the Find Files and Folders activity searches using corpora (that is, searches both through your own files as well as those in drives shared with you).
Of course, there are some catches. For example, if you are using a service account, it’s very likely that the shared drive is not shared with the service account (the service account should be thought more of as a role than a user).
If you are signing in as your own account, then it is slightly weird that you aren’t getting results back. It should work!

For a complete guide to available terms, see this:

Note that your search query should apply to files, and not drives (second part), but the activity currently searches for files in all accessible shared drives.

Let me know if you get to the bottom of this!
Also, what authentication type as you using?


@Pablito But in the For Each loop, how do you get the ID of the file to be able to Download it?

For Find Files and Folders activity you can grab output of ID’s for selected folder. Then using ForEach loop you can export them one-by-one.

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@Pablito Thank you, I will try it and let you know.

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