GSuite - Google Drive - Find Files and Folders error

Hi All,

I’m new to UI path and doing a sample for Gsuite google drive integration.
I’m try search for the file name and display the search content.

I have attach the screen shot for the error .

I have try with several forum resources but still unable to fix this issue.
Could you please help me to fix this issue.

Thank you

Hi @Thilina_Rubasingha

Have you tried importing that the namespace here:

Please also make sure that the TypeArgument of your For Each matches the element of the array:

Just to quick ideas to go from.

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Hi @loginerror thank you for the reply and I have fixed the issue by using importing the
google.apis.requests and now its working :slight_smile:

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Hi i read all the responses and i cant correctly configurate the gsuite scope (i think so), all the parameters required are in the properties, by the way im using json keytype, ill be extremely grateful if you put a screenshot of the properties of gsuite scope. mi biggest problem its the find folder doesnt bring me nothing but i dont get any error

thanks you very much !

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