Problem with find folder from Google Gsuite


I am trying to have a folder in Google Drive where I can upload the new files that I develop with the bot.

I am using the: “Find Folder” activity from Google Gsuite, but its returning blank instead of the folder name.

Thank you

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I got the same problem and I can’t find any solution.

Somebody know hot to handle that?

@Mauricio_Arrieta - You are trying to find the folder or file? I tried the file yesterday and it was working. Let me try the folder.

@Mauricio_Arrieta and @Felipe_Goulart. It’s working perfectly for me. Here you go:

I have create a folder in my Drive called “Sheets” as shown below:


In Find Files and Folder activity, I searched for “Sheets”




Make sure you check everything in the Configure scope as shown below:

I can check only “drive.file” authentication scope.