Gsuite Create Deployment activity should give Deployment ID as an output

Im trying to use these Gsuite Apps script activities to create an Apps script project, deploy it and run the script (in Google sheet file). Everything else works expect running the script from the UiPath.

The problem is that Run Script activity needs an Deployment ID. The ID is generated with Create Deployment so it needs to be read from Google after that. It can be read with an API call to Google but the problem with these HTTP requests is that you need OAuth2 token in order for them to work. And getting the token for this HTTP request is very difficult.

Gsuite Application scope anyway has already authenticated with Google so what Im thinking is that this API call could be built inside Create Deployment activity and the activity could give deployment id as an output. That would make it pretty simple to get this kind of workflow working.

Hey @Jaakko_Vaaramaa,

We took this as an Insight for Improvement.

Meanwhile, see also the following topic where it is mentioned about a manual step that is required to deploy and run a script.

Did you overcome this manual step?


We created a workaround for this. Instead of deploying the script with UiPath, we use Google Sheet file where the script is already deployed and we just run the script with UiPath (this way we always know what is the deployment id).