Custom Google API Request (batchupdate) with existing Gsuite Application Scope

Hi everyone,

I was hoping one of you could help me!

I have a robot that is working fine, which has Gsuite Application Scope that access, reads, writes a Google Spreadsheet.

The Gsuite Application Scope uses a Service Account as the Authentication type from a JSON file.

I want to add an activity to protect a specific range of the Google Spreadsheet, which can be done with following API:

However this API is not available in the UIpath and I was wondering how could I add it to my robot?

Ideally it would use the same authentication (Service Account) from the Gsuite Application Scope, would this be possible?

If not, how could I do this? Would the HTTP REQUEST be an alternative ?


Hi Thiago_ferrari,
If custom activities are not available you can leverage existing google api using http request activity of uipath web activities package. It works just like postman tool.

Hi @shetanshudhar

Thanks for the answer!
Could you give me some guidance on how to achieve this?

I have tried to add the HTTP Request inside the GSUITE Application scope such as below:

But it still gives me a 401 error code from google, which means it is not authenticated.

BTW, what do you mean a custom activities are not available? I haven’t seen any activity for this specifically in the Google Activities.



I am also facing a similar issue where I need to update the description of a file on Google Drive. I tried using HTTP request but it needs a separate token.

@Rammohan91 can you please guide us?