Run a script (Google App Script) using RPA

Hello everyone,

Is it possible tu run a script (from Google App Script) using an activitie/API ?

The only way I found is to open my spreadsheet, and use a Click activity to run my script (or to parametrize an onOpen trigger). But it’s not the most robust way to do it…

I looked for a solution inside the forum but I didn’t find anything about this,

Thank you for your help !

Hello everyone,

I saw in the documentation that now some activities are availalable to use Google App Script. But, they didn’t aprear in my studio. I have the version 2019.4.4 and all my packages are udated. Moreover, I am used to develop with other Google activities without any problem.

Thank you for you help :slight_smile:

hello Matthieu, I am using the 2020.4.3 version of studio and its available for me. So i would suggest you to update your Studio to this version. But anyways, I have been using all the gsuite activities and they all seem to work. But the run script activity in Apps Scripts is always giving me an error. Below is the workflow i am using, followed by the error.


Hi ! Thank you for your answer, I have now the activity. But unfortunately, I have the same Error Message …


We face the same issue. I am looking forward for a useful hint.