Gsuite - Calendar - Search Event - SearchQuery

I am trying to search for all the calendar events on my gmail calendar that I am the organizer. I can’t figure out the syntax to use on the SearchQuery field within Gsuite Calendar Search activity and would appreciate some help.

@young.a.robert - Please check this out

Based on the above post, i quickly tested my Gsuite Calendar search Events, and its working…



Thanks this was very helpful! But now I am getting Modify Event: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: id (have assign activity in the for each loop item.Id to id)

This only pops up for what appears to be random events but then is consistently received on those specific events.


@young.a.robert - I was able to modify my event which was previously scheduled on 11/20 1.30 pm - 2 pm to 12\4 3-4 pm. Here’s how I did it(from the continuation of last post)…


(Events  |  Google Calendar API  |  Google Developers) . This helped me finding the previously stored search output.