UiPath GSuite Activity SearchEvents Not Returning Results When Inside A Library

Why is UiPath GSuite activity "SearchEvents" returning null results when used as a library?

Issue Description: When the Search Events activity from the GSuite Calendar Activity package is used in a library and if that library is used within any project is not giving the expected results. However, when the same Activity is executed within the library that is built in the Studio, the execution is giving the Expected results.

Root Cause: Clearing the default Search for events value and leaving the field empty is still storing the Default value "Meeting with UiPath" within the activity which is leading the library to search for wrong event i.e "Meeting with UiPath" resulting with a null value.

Default String Value that Comes with the Activity


  1. Replace the empty Search for events field with an empty string. "" will replace the default value stored in the Activity and gives the expected results.
  2. Replace the String value with Empty string