How to retrieve list of attendees from a Gsuite Calendar invite?


I’m trying to build a robot that will look at my Gsuite calendar for the following day and automatically send a reminder to the attendees about the meeting and ask them to reschedule if they are unable to attend.

I can see plenty of documentation on how to create a Gsuite calendar event and add attendees to it, but I don’t see anything on how to extract a list of attendees from an already existing event. Is this something that is supported?

Hi @kevinpscott ,

There is activity called Search Events in the Gsuite activity list it returns all the events details in form of array. you have to enter your calendar id and the output will be list of events under in that calendar. could you please check are you able to see attendant details in that array. frankly speaking i never used Gsuite activites. trying to share my thoughts.


@kevinpscott, in order to get the list of attendees, you can try a combination of ‘Search Events’ and ‘For each’, as described the below:

  1. ‘Search Events’ (Gsuite scope) → to get the list of Events.
  2. ‘For Each’ loop → to go through each of the event found in step 1.
  3. ‘For Each’ loop → to go through each attendee of each event in step 2.
  4. Within the loop from step 3, you can add the activity “Send email” or any other where you can use the ‘attendee’ properties, such as ‘’.

Here is a visual example:

Most helpful, thank you!

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