Gsuite Allow screen at every run, only on one robot


I have upgraded the Gsuite activities package to 1.13.2.
Since then, one robot asks at every run, for allow screen, in browser. Other robots asked only one time and runs fine now.
I run a process with only one gsuite activity, for get emails so there are no differences on scopes, for different activities.
For the old package, there is a file DataStore.Gsuite, which is not updated since the new version of package. If I delete the file, no other new file appears on the path.
Any help pls?

Hello @adiradu74

Are you using APIs to communicate?

I think for unattended mode you should use OAuthClientID or ServiceAccountKey


Hi @PrankurJoshi,

I use OAuthClientID, with credentials generated on the account used for allow.


Okay I will the same thing and let you know.