hello guys,
actually i am trying to fill google from using excel file but there is no error run successfully but still not getting desire output i mean not filling form
any one can help me ?

Hi @Madhu_Maurya

The Google forms is opening in the foreground. The data is coming out from excel, print the data by using message box or log messages.

close chrome and try



After read range activity use a FOR EACH ROW activity
inside the loop you can use OPEN BROWSER ACTIVITY and mention the url of the page we want to go
then use a TYPE INTO activity and mention the input as row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString and enable simulate type property in the property panel of type into activity


Can you please tell if it typing the data or not?

If not even typing may be the data read is empty…

Try removing the visible rows property in read range activity…

If not please provide more details and after filling format are you clicking on save?