Google Workspace Service Account Key Authentication Setup

Using GSuite activities with Service Account Authentication Type

Description: Steps to Setup Service Account Key authentication mechanism for using GSuite activities are listed below.

This type of authentication allows authentication at the backend using Robots instead of prompting the user to authenticate the token

A service account key is a special type of Google account that belongs to the application instead of to an individual end-user. The application calls Google APIs on behalf of the service account, so users are not directly involved.


  1. Login to Google Cloud Platform
  2. Go To My project-> Create new project
  3. Go to Library
  4. Select the required APIs and enable them like Gmail, Excel, Drive, etc. according to the Project requirements
  5. Go to the Credential Section
  6. Click on 'Manage Service Accounts'.
  7. Click on the 3 dots and click on Create Service account
  8. Add a name and click on Create and continue
  9. Select the role as Owner in next step
  10. After clicking on continue, the below window will pop up. By default, Show Inherited Permissions will be checked, keep it as is (checked)
  11. Click on Done
  12. Now, open the Service account
  13. Go to Keys section and Click on Add key
  14. Create new key and Select the P12 key
  15. The private key will be saved to your local and the password will be "notasecret"
  16. Now, In Gsuite scope property section, add in the Key path and choose P12 as key
  17. Add Service account email paramter from below

With this, Gsuite authentication will be authenticated in the backend and is suitable for Unattended automation.