Gsuite Gmail using Service Account


I want to send email using Gsuite Gmail activity with authentication type: Service Account Key.
I have provided Service Account email id, user email id and also domain wide access.

Below is the error:

How to resolve this error?

Hey @iamgeet ,

Go to this link , scroll down to the last , Change the “Less secure app access” setting to “turn on access” from “off

Screenshot for reference -


Hey Rishabh,

I did the same as you said but I am still facing the same issue.
Any specific role is required for Service account email id or user email id?

Geet Maharana

Login to -
then, go to security - advance setting - API Permissions - Enable all the following

Let me know , if this error still occurs.



Its still not working :frowning:


Any solution, I am also facing the same issue.

Now I am able to use Gsuite Gmail Activity using Service Account.


  1. Create a Service Account.

  2. Enable Domain Wide Access to the Service Account

  3. Provide Authorization to the Service Account:
    액세스 사용자 인증 정보 만들기  |  Google Workspace for Developers  |  Google Developers

  4. I have also added the below scope in OAuth Content Screen as shown below:

So this is working fine for me. Hope it would help you.

Geet M

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thanks. I will check at my end

Welcome :slight_smile:

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