Translate excel values

Hi All,
I am trying to translate excel values(text,number) to another language. I am using google API to translate text. I tried to read value of excel using “read cell activity” and saved the translated vales in the same cell location.
Can anyone please guide me how to “loop” through the entire excel cell same way.

If there is any other way to translate the excel sheet to another language please help me.
Note I also want to preserve the format of excel hence reading range and saving to datatable , then doing manipulation can only achieve values but miss the format.So this option is opted out…

Thanks in advance!


First we must know the total rows, in order to get rows read your excel know rows like
Int intTolRows = dt.rows.count
Above var will contain some number like 12, 20.
Int count = 1 // initialize with your requirement
For each count < intTolRows then
Read cell
count + 1

Kindly let us know if you stuck