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Hello everyone. I am stuck with something. Its regarding the google translate activity.
I have a pdf in a language, let’s say Japanese. I have to convert the whole Japanese content to English. Once the bot is executed I would like to see the translated version of the pdf.

Either I need a new translated pdf or is there any way to replace the Japanase with English dynamically on the same pdf.

I tried with google translate activity, but there the inputs are single words right. Is there anyway I can give the whole pdf in this activity or read the contents from the pdf.

Also I am not getting the API key, saw some contents here followed that and no luck. Asking for payment details to get key. Is that the way? or I am in the wrong path?

Please help!!!

Hi @amithvs
I am also having similar doubt. I need to convert a pdf in spanish to english. In the google text translate activity is it possible to convert the whole pdf at once or just word by word. Can somebody pls help me on this.

Did you find any solution for this issue.

Oops, Unfortunately no. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe he can help you @UnicornStark .

Okay… Right now I am working on a similar project where I need to convert the pdf in japanese and spanish to english. Can someone else help me on this.

if you are allowed to use google translate it should not be hard. But also you know that translation is not always perfect…

You car read text from pdf with ocr and open browser define language to English paste and than copy back, pasting to word and saving it to your pc or sending it with email…


PM me for more details . I ll share the workflow.

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Thanks for the reply… I tried to use the google translate activity in uipath. Even if I scrapped the pdf using ocr and paste it to a text file, how am I supposed to read that whole text file… You can give only word by word in google translate activity in uipath right ? and also I am not getting the API key. I am facing the same issue as @amithvs.

he actually meant to go to browser and navigate to google translate and then make it spanish to english and then enter the entire text, then grab the translated data and paste it in word. But the thing is formatting will be lost if we do so. We can get the translated text but getting it in the same format like the input pdf is quite difficult I guess

Yeah…you are right…

Yes, there is also way to upload documents to google, it should keep formating, now I am not sure about tables and pictures, but you can try…



I have tried to convert english to hindi 10 words using excel file input area.Can anyone help to fix this error?