Google sheet read range returns "Read Range: Column names or order do not match"

Hi Everyone,

I have data on google sheets originating from google forms.
I am trying to extract data from google sheets into a datatable using read range activity but i keep getting this weird error that the column names do not match. I have no idea where the reference is coming from. I have even resorted to

  1. Relinking google sheets from google forms
  2. Delete google sheet and re-creating spreasheet from google forms

As shared in the last picture, i have resorted to deleting everything and creating the spreadsheet from scratch again (from google forms) thus the empty google sheets.

Main.xaml (14.5 KB)

What i notice so far is it getting the list of headers and expecting to retrieve alphabetically. As you can see in the error "at index 0: expected: ‘Alamat’ and followed by column names beginning with A as well.

Hello @MKF_Motor_Sdn_Bhd ,

Please make sure that the sheet name is the right one. There is no print with the sheet name as a proof within our request.

Also, make sure that the file is located on “Default(” and not within a different place.

Hope it helps!
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I’ve tried all combination all options to no avail. Sheet name has been countless times confirmed.