Google sheet operations

In below google sheet there is multiple sheet i download that google sheet in excel format in local folder now i want to email sheet2 which in local folder for that i read excel & sheet2 because that error is come for read range.
and i can’t use read range google sheet activity because there is no sheet name available

Google sheet_RPA

Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3 Sheet4

Hi @yogitagaikwad2206 ,
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You can give this solution a try.

Read the Excel File: Use the Excel Application Scope activity to read the Excel file from your local folder.
Get Data from Sheet2: Within the Excel Application Scope, use the Read Range activity and specify the sheet name (Sheet2 in this case) to read the data from that specific sheet.
Save the Data into a DataTable: Store the data read from Sheet2 into a DataTable variable.
Compose Email Body: Construct the body of the email using the data obtained from Sheet2.
Send Email: Use the Send Outlook Mail Message or Send SMTP Mail Message activity to send an email. Insert the content of Sheet2 into the body of the email.


after read file this error is come. can give solution for this?

Did you run the repair tool, if not can you do it once please.


In this i click generate repaire plan but still it gives error

Don’t create duplicate topics. You already have a thread going on this.