Google classroom creating class with bot

hi. I’m new to uipath. I’m trying to automate the creation of room in google classroom. sometimes my bot works smoothly but there are times that the robot stops and I think it is because of the selector that keeps on changing… how could I fix it? I keep on reading about it and trying to debug it but unfortunately, I failed to do it right. by the way I have the room information in excel file.

Hi @Hubert_Caguiat welcome to UiPath community!

may i know what kind of activities you were used. and also please show me the error where you were getting.


thank you for the reply sir… this is the error message when it attempts to click the create class…error 1

From the selector I see that the ParentID which maybe not constant, It may change when you come back again

For that you need to open the selector in UiExplorer and check for reliable tags.

For more details you can go to and check the selectors class

Hope this may help you


i just corrected it using UI explorer. but im confused as to why on the first run it displays an error but when I corrected it it also gave me the same selector…

Hi @Hubert_Caguiat ,

The first step to debug the issue is

Copy current selector and new selector in notepad and match the difference.

Once you get to know what is changing make it dynamic by using wildcards.

Try not to use parent ID, use other attributes like ID, aaname


thank u sir for the reply… still trying for the solution on this

Hi @Hubert_Caguiat ,

Once try recording(web) option. Then try to change the selectors. If the selectors contains ID. That will change whenever you are visiting that particular page. So inside the selector where you can see the ID contains numbers. Remove those numbers and make a *. Then validate it. And try to run. If again you getting the same error please share us your workflow.


thankx mate. will try and get back if cannot still get it done… appreciate ur response…