Not able to locate the selector

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I want the bot to click through 4 tabs in an application but UIpath is not able to locate the tabs’ selectors. The reason is in the selectors of these 5 tabs, there are numbers in these selectors and each time the application is ran, the number change.

There are the 5 tabs I want the bot the click through.

I also tried using recording image, it still gives me the “not able to locate selector” error.

What other things I can try to locate the changing selectors?



Can you check other tags, like inner text, aaname

Hope this may help you


Best way to deal with this is to use find children activity and loop through each Ui element and select ui element based on condition etc


If that atttibute looks dynamic and keeps changing then replace the value of that attribute with a wildcard symbol * and give a try

For more details

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