Google api (gsuite) not working

Hey guys

I setup azure virtual machine in that i installed uipath studio and created a worklfow i utilised gsuite scope activities to export data from excel to google sheet with help of api of google

Google account is general and open to all
Its running fine for my login in virtual machine of azure

But when my colleague is logging in that vm and trying to run…google api is failing …he is also having access to it

What to do please guide me @Palaniyappan @balareva @nisargkadam23 @RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA


Can you share more info by having the error screenshot then it will help to understand the issue


Actually, iam using one gsuite activities in my workflow which is reading excel file and writing in google spreadsheet though api , this is running on azure vm of windows, i setup this with a common company email id which have access to all, its working fine wheni i login in to vm and the real difficulty is when my colleagues is login in with same credentials its giving error,


Okay, giving error means what’s the error?


{Cannot resolve spreadsheet ID and/or Google services. }

above is the error giving when my colleagues are accessing this, but when i accessing its normal