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Am I missing something on the ‘Go To URL’ activity to create a new tab? The description of the activity is “Opens a URL in the current browser, either in a new tab or the current one”. That description makes it sound like we should have the ability to differentiate whether we want a new tab or to stay in the current browser in the properties, but I do not see any options for this.

Go to URL needs to be used inside Use application/browser activity right, so you can acheive your requirement altering the properties of that activity

You don’t use Go To URL to open a new tab. You use Use Application/Browser to open a new browser/tab and in its properties give it the URL you want it to open. Make sure to set its Open property to Always.


Go to url does nothave that ability…may be the wording are little confusing…if you open a nee tab then got o url can be used to navigate to a given website on the new tab that is opened

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Hi @jamal.ray ,

As others have mentioned here, the Go to URL activity navigates to the specified URL in the previously indicated web browser page for the container Use Application/Browser activity.
Indeed, as @Anil_G said, the wording in the activity’s description is confusing. We will update it to be more clear.

Thanks for the feedback,

Hi @jamal.ray

If your question is when you are clicking any element on Main page in browser it will redirecting to other page and you want to perform operations on redirected new webpage.

If yes, then no need to use the Go to URL activity, you can use the use application\browser activity and indicate the redirected new webpage.
In the properties of Use application\browser activity like below

  • Close → Never
  • Open → If Not open
  • window attach mode → Single window

Check the below image for better understanding

Hope it helps!!