How to Continue From Last Previous Worksheet In For Each Loop After Break Activity


I have a For Each loop for reading excel worksheets. After reading worksheet 1, there is a Break activity and exit the For Each loop. It will continue the next activity in the workflow.

After this, I need to continue reading the next excel worksheet from the last previous worksheet in For Each loop. After doing some search, I understand that the newer For each has an Index output property but no idea how to go about doing it.

May I know how can I achieve this making use of the Index output property or using other methods? Appreciate any help…

Why not remove the break activity ang insert your next activity inside the foreach?

Because there is some decision making conditions to be met in the workflow, so I will more flexibility if I place the sequence out of the For Each Loop.

I did a search and found this thread, but don’t quite understand how go about doing it.

Why not add those decision making conditions inside the loop? I think it’s still flexible. (per your given information)