How to connect else activity with previous activity in sequence like how decision flow connects?



I need to connect with previous activity if the condition is not satisfied like goto previous activity… Can this is possible in sequence if else


Hey @Sunitha_Bist

You can use FLow charts.



I want to use in sequence because I did previous steps in sequence and i want to connect to it


Hey @Sunitha_Bist

It works with Sequences as well .

For your info just check this sample workflow. In this it is going on sequence execution based on conditions.

flow_chart.xaml (28.7 KB)


Go back to a previous Sequence

thanks @aksh1yadav. but I want to select an activity which is present inside the sequence not the whole sequence…


can you show the sequence and that activity is coming in between flow? that can be handled with flag variables also

See like this @Sunitha_Bist flow_chart.xaml (29.6 KB)



value variable should be updated with count+1… without creating one more assign for value below the the count=count+1, I need to redirect it to the previous value activity

Do activity while a<3

Sequence does not support going back, it’s forward only.
Either use a loop or a flowchart.
It’s understandable that you don’t want to modify if you already did it as sequence, but trying to force sequence to behave like that is like fitting a square peg in a round hole - you might be able to do it eventually, but it’s not going to be pretty and any changes to the execution logic are going to be a pain to deal with.