Marking email as UnRead in Gmail Inbox

Hi all,
I am automating a process where the input is email from Inbox and once completed the process we are moving it to Success folder and if exception happened then move that email to Exception folder. While reading the email I am marking it as unread and then continue the process

The problem is when I move to exception folder I want that mail to be marked as UnRead.

Is there anyway that we can achieve this in gmail.

I am using Get IMAP Mail Messages to read the mails and Move IMAP Mail Message to move the mails.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sheny

Checkout this


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka,

This activity requires Use Gmail or Use Outlook activity card.

I am using Get IMAP Mail Messages.


If you are using the IMAP to get the emails from a server then (atm) I don’t see an option to do this.
If you do have the gmail account credentials try switching to Use Gmail, this can be easily achieved by using a for each email and mark read/unread.

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Hello @sheny

If youa re not enabling the property “Mark as Read”, is it automatically changing the emails to Read ?



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hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Right now this option is enabled to make sure process wont be in looped.

I am using ReFramework so when any business exception happens then this email is moved to exception folder.

Let’s say if I am disabling this option and then how can I make this email as read when the process is success and moving to success folder.


Maybe you will have tomove the emails to another folder after processing of each emails.
Otherwise during the next process execution it can impact.



Right now I am moving success to success folder and exception to exception folder.

if I use Get IMAP Mail Messages in set transaction data and filter it based on the mail UID and enable the option to mark as read will that be successful.

I mean can we rely on the mail header(“UID”) for filtering the same mail?

I think it will not make much impact.

If you are moving the mails, then whats the issue here? Is it still showing as Read?


na it’s ok its moving to that folder and showing as unread. this is fine.

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