Gmail robot started but not working

i have defined get IMPA Mail messages (port 993, server
allow IMAP and POP including external services

once i start process to retrieve email attachment, robot start but without any result. it wrote that project execution started but nothing happen, not even error message.


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


thank you but i did everything and process is still the same. execution started but nothing. not error message, not stopped process. only running.


Have you changed settings on your gmail account ?

You have to Enable POP and IMAP.

For your reference…

Enabling Gmail for Email Activities (

Happy Automation,

thank you but i did everything as was mentioned in guides but still nothing

btw it is very weird. but two my colleagues can run it without problem but i cannot. (we have same network, firewall, etc) same version of uipath